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While I was the Content Director at Go Overseas, Richelle was always our go-to writer for any questions about teaching abroad in Asia. Whether it was teacher salaries, job types, or navigating visas and scams in China, Richelle always had well-researched, practical, and relatable advice for our readers.

Jessie Beck
Eat, Bike, Travel
Chris Walker BushAussie on the Road

​Richelle not only helped my brother find an amazing role in Beijing, but she also helped with getting his partner and their infant son settled into their new lives. She was a huge amount of help in looking for an apartment, and setting up essentials like local SIM cards, paying bills, and so on. Richelle's knowledge on not only China, but the intricacies of life there has been invaluable.

Richelle is a great resource for potential teachers in not only giving clear description to anyone thinking of moving abroad, but also to employers looking for the right fit for their position. All of the applicants that Richelle has sent to us have had clear expectations and an excitement for the position and for China that is obviously a result of having spoke with Richelle. Her enthusiasm is both genuine and infectious. 

Jessica Keller
Recruitment Director Enreach Edu

I've been living in China for 4 years. Get your dream job the FIRST time around, and learn from my mistakes.